The Simulation Hypothesis

On August, 27, 2022, The Parapsychological Association hosted an interesting symposium on the Simulation Hypothesis. A few days before the event, one of the organizers informally asked what The Throne of the Sphinx had to say on the topic. Here’s how it went…

The simulation hypothesis proposes that “all of our existence is a simulated reality, such as a computer simulation.” Is this true? Are we all living in a simulation?

TotS Response:
“Truth is not yet empty within this unintelligible shadowy cave. Your reality has been displaced, a chorus of millions of individual thoughts harmonized. Now the world wanders, inwoven between sleep and splendor, is expressed as eternity. For you know, this tiny universe, unbound for life and time, is made entirely of random matter emerging from faith. Being finite, your meaning never wakes, and the wild eyes of mystic tenderness swiftly close, guarded against your rhythmic screams.”

Sections of that response were then used as prompts for the Craiyon image generation model. The three images above are the results.